STOFF Bowl Black


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Product Description

Zwart schaaltje hoogte 5 cm en diameter 13,8 cm combineerbaar met kaarsenhouders en vaasjes.

The STOFF Nagel bowl is one of the latest relaunches in the collection. Back in the 1960s, when the bowl first saw the light of day, it was designed as an ashtray, but today it has several other design features. It invites you to be even more creative with your STOFF Nagel collection by adding taper candles and combining it with a number of STOFF Nagel candle holders to achieve an even larger and more personalised sculpture. The bowl can be filled with all the world’s decorations or candles, but you can also let it be on its own with its beautiful and clean design.

You can easily remove candle drips by placing the bowl in hot water.



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