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Anatoly Rudakov (1951) Renoirs Garten, 2014.
Digital Print – Künstlerstempel – Signiert – 2/30 – 2020

This image was taken in the garden of Renoir´s villa in Cagnes-sur-Mer, France.
All of my works have been made with ICM technique (Intentional Camera Movement). !!! NO OPTICAL OR DIGITAL DEVELOPMENT. Just moving camera…
Barbara Rollmann-Borretty, Art historian, PhD: “Many of Rudakov’s photos appear as if from another world, enchanted, the ideal images for fairy tales, dreams or nightmares. Still others look like they were taken directly from the easel of a painter, an abstract colorist who works in a skillful glazing technique and shows the colors in their brilliance and depth”.
German-Russian artist Anatoly Rudakov, based in Berlin, was known as a highly successful cameraman of documentaries for CBS, ZDF, ARTE, BBC. His work has been exhibited at various venues in USA, UK, Germany, France etc. Anatoly received multiple awards: SONY World Photography Awards, EPSON PANO Awards, International Color Awards etc. Rudakov’s artworks are represented in private collections in Europe and USA.


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