Marble holder


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Product Description

We strive to create products of the highest quality, and we believe our ideal customers are a lot like us: people who value experiences over things, who believe in quality over passing fashions, and who appreciate sustainability, beauty, and craftsmanship in the items they choose to grace their homes and express their personalities.

Built around the principles of fine craftsmanship, poetic vision, and sustainable, innovative design, The Luxuriate creates one of a kind, luxury perfumed candles . We seek to marry opulence with minimalist refinement, creating products that embrace the unexpected and unique facets of natural stone and the evocative stories and memories conjured through perfume.

Our collections are sculpted as objets d’art, imbued with stories of travel, artistry, and natural beauty. Designed to last long after the burn is done through our patent pending refillable concept and vision – A Forever Candle.


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