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Scented Candle Inserts

The Luxuriate’s perfumed candles go through a dedicated process of design, sourcing, and manufacture to ensure the highest quality. They are formulated using a coconut and soy blend wax with pure cotton wicks to ensure the best possible burn and dispersal of scent.

We work closely with Australian growers and vendors to source the finest local essential and fragrance oils, ensuring the quality and complexity of each candle’s scent. They are then individually hand poured in Melbourne, Australia, into the carefully crafted borosilicate glass holders, which are designed to fit seamlessly into our natural stone holders. This innovative design allows for simple and clean exchange of a perfumed candle once burned.

The Perfume

To create each distinctive and evocative scent, we work closely with a fourth generation perfumer, whose history in perfumery goes back to 1855. Together, embark on a process of painstaking design, taking inspiration from travels around the world in order to recreate breathtaking experiences through scent.

Each candle’s scent is characterized by richness and complexity, designed to unfold throughout the burn time to reveal new facets of the landscapes, materials, and memories that inspired them. After a lengthy process of refinement, they are blended using the best quality of locally sourced oils and combined with the coconut and soy blend wax that best showcases the beauty of the perfume.


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